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beyond the ordinary

As an international experienced speaker Frank inspires not by powerpoint slides, stock images and bullet points but by simply inviting the audience to follow his narrative.

He shares his holistic view on tech trends in the light of the accelerating transformation of society and economy.

Since he speaks freely without a fixed script, his speeches are open for interaction with the audience

artificial intelligence 

there is art in artificial intelligence

The ability of both modern business and scientific research to deal with the impact of truly groundbreaking technological advances to our society is at least quite limited. Their focus on technical feasibility as well as economic profitability and academic reputation stands in their way.

For arts, credibility is key. Especially the narrative expression of novel writers and sci-fi filmmakers. After a short introduction to the routes and current state of artificial intelligence this talk will outline four different scenarios for the encounter of the human ancestor with its synthetic descendant.

All possible progressions share one simple message: we have to deal with it.

future of work

the future is ours, robots take over- this is new work

On the one hand, robots will take over much of the work we are doing today. On the other hand, the arising start-up culture, maker movement, and share economy define what might be our jobs of the future.

Beyond doubt, work itself is meaningful. It allows us to make a living and gives meaning to our lives. History shows that all industrial revolutions so far had positive effects ultimately leading to the increase of wealth in transformed societies.

Again today we struggle with the pace that tech corporations are dictating. It is our societies responsibility to deal with the social aftermath of industrial revolutions triggered by new technologies to prepare future generations to find or create useful and fulfilling jobs.

Digitalization and automatization question the fundamental model of our economy as Jeremy Rifkin states with the zero marginal costs society. All this will force us to rethink our organizations, products, and processes as well as to take responsibility again and answer the essential ethical question of our future society.

fashion, music and co.

code and couture – 
the future of fashion

Offering a unique, highly emotional and physical product made the fashion industry feel safe. Somehow. Not anymore. To think about fashion as software and a collection of data obviously doesn’t fit with the creative work of fashion designers. However, the ability to (freely) access and copy data combined with the access to modern production methods for all of us will substitute couture for code.

Technology will lead to an unprecedented form of individualization. And this with high speed. Modern hardware and software will not only empower users to create what they have in mind but also to produce it right away. In that case, copyright has to be rethought entirely. The time of mass production, a legitimate child of the industrial revolution, might be over somehow leapfrogging backward to made to order. Not a bad choice facing today’s negative impact of the fashion industry to the labor market and our environment.

Despite its typical purpose fashion extends its functionality to health and fitness as well as to communication and security features. Repairing gets important. Last but not least the well-rehearsed rhythm of the fashion world is losing its beat.

further topics include

banking like water
about the future of financial services. if there is any.

Distrust the hype – The gentle rise of sustainable innovation
when everything is a hype nothing is.

Tech, shut up. Design is talking
the long tail and fail of design and the bright future

music like water
more money faster. you wont believe how fucked up the music industry is.

Bloc Party or chain of fools
blockchain is changing everything

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Talks including

TEDx Marrakesh | MA
re:publica | Berlin, GER
IBM Connect | Orlando, USA
Tech Open Air | Berlin, GER
Euroforum | Frankfurt, GER
CEE | London, UK
CeBIT Global Conference | Hannover, GER
Richmond Marketing Forum | Bad Ragaz, CH