keynote about artificial intelligence


The ability of both modern business and scientific research to deal with the impact of truly groundbreaking technological advances to our society is at least quite limited. Their focus on technical feasibility as well as economic profitability and academic reputation stands in their way. For arts, credibility is key. Especially the narrative expression of novel writers and sci-fi filmmakers. This is my keynote about artificial intelligence.

After a short introduction to the routes and current state of artificial intelligence this talk will outline four different scenarios for the encounter of the human ancestor with its synthetic descendant. It ranges from robots or humans final victory (the Neo and Lucy scenario) to the robots leaving us lonely behind or never reaching sufficient level of human intelligence (the Samantha and Andrew scenario). Art will help us to understand.

There is Art in Artificial Intelligence @ TEDx | Marrakesh

No matter coexistence or no existence, all possible progressions share one simple message – we, you and me, have to deal with it.


artificial intelligence on the rise /// four potential scenarios /// one will save humanity /// what makes us human

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There is art in artificial intelligence @ TEDx Marrakesh

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