Celebrating a free virtual event as a special success is self-deception.

In-App Purchase wird zu In-Event Purchase

Wie funktioniert die Monetarisierung im Gaming

  • Verschiedene, kombinierbare Modelle
    • Retail
    • Digital Distribution
    • Subscription
    • Microtransactions
      • Downloadable Content
      • Loot Boxes
    • Player Trading
    • Werbung
  • Gaming as a Service
  • Auswirkung auf das Game Design
  • Kritische Balance zwischen den Interessen der Spieler und der Monetarisierung
  • Crowdfunding und Crowdsourcing

Co Reality Collective

  1. The party begins with the invite
  2. Party appetite is international- so time your party accordingly
  3. People are grateful for instructions
  4. Queuing is part of the fun
  5. Greet every guest, and introduce them to someone fun

Polls are great

Don’t confuse with Trolls

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