Consulting for virtual events

Before you read any further what I have to say about virtual events, let’s get a few truths straight in advance:

  • Nobody intends to replace real events. We don’t need to talk about that. We’d much rather exchange ideas about how virtual experiences can sustainably and permanently enrich the real world and empower us in it, now and in the future.
  • It’s not true at all that feelings, empathy and belonging can’t be generated virtually.
  • It’s not enough to use masses of technology and budget to improve performance and quality on the sender’s side, when at the same time the receiver is lounging motionless on his sofa or sitting at his writing desk.

Do you find yourself in these statements? Then let’s talk.

Until now, digital formats, be it for conferences, trade fairs and any kind of events, had a miserable shadowy existence. Never really taken seriously and followed with the necessary attention. Even quite banal things like video conferencing were never really recognized and used as an alternative. I was active in all the mentioned fields for more than 20 years, 14 of them as founder and CEO of the company foresee, which specialized in interactive, as it were virtual, solutions for events, conferences, meetings, project work and consulting rooms. We designed and realized the first viral laboratory at ETH Zurich and equipped 8 international locations of Continental AG with interactive project workspaces. We designed and built trade show booths full of interactive immersive experiences from Dubai to Cannes and made the most amazing store Deutsche Telekom ever had a reality in Berlin. Following in the footsteps of Swiss private banks, even German savings banks plucked up the courage to reinvent consulting rooms with us. Certainly also thanks to our weighty business partner IBM, who saw great potential in interactive tables and walls.

foresee Collaboration Room – in Kooperation mit IBM

It wasn’t enough for a breakthrough, which explains why we liquidated our company in 2018, somewhat wistfully but at peace with ourselves. And even despite the new euphoria in the face of video conferencing, virtual collaboration and interactive formats, solutions like the ones we developed at foresee are still far ahead of their time. Too far.

What always interested me about it, what finally distinguishes my qualification in these topics, is the balancing act between what is technically feasible and what humans are able to understand and anticipate. Not to indulge in technical euphoria and paint fantastic but unrealistic pictures of the future in the technoid subjunctive. Just as little, however, accept the human resistance to change as a given and thus accept that we only move forward in small baby steps. Rather, define an optimistic position in the middle and carry it into the world. One that does not overwhelm the individual and makes the most of scientific and technological developments.

But enough preamble. What does my virtual events consulting cover.

  • Development of ideas and conception of the event
  • Planning, organization, coordination and implementation
  • Program design incl. Selection of topics and speakers
  • Planning and casting of the artistic supporting program
  • Planning and implementation of official elections and voting
  • Moderation of the event
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Production of pre-recordings, inserts as well as recording and post-production of the entire event
  • Participant management and role administration
  • Rehearsal, training and briefing for speakers, artists and participants

Sevenfriday YFPF – Your favourite Pyjama Festival


My references in this field range from membership meetings and board elections to conferences and workshops to music festivals and art performances. My clients come from the business community, the academic sector, and the international events industry. I gladly maintain their confidentiality and will be happy to send you more information personally.

Daniel Niederer, Shawn Stockman and The Rising Lights of SEVENFRIDAY YFPF
Daniel Niederer, Shawn Stockman and The Rising Lights of SEVENFRIDAY YFPF