As a keynote speaker, even before Corona, I was engaged with the transformation of our society, the future of work and the potential of modern technologies that drive this change. Yet, before the virus paralyzed the entire world, it was clear that things could not go on like this. Today the transformation through Corona is more tangible than ever.

Post Corona Transformation is a problem of the unknown Unknown.
The problem of the unknown Unknown © Shermin Voshmgir, Blockchain’s Problem with Unknown Unknowns

Fighting the immanent climate crisis required, as post-capitalism expert Nico Paech put it, a concise reduction in all areas. The global economy increasingly reached its limits, rushing itself to death, as Jeremy Rifkin aptly put it. The sense of excessive efficiency was in doubt. A shy search for one’s own purpose began. Automation and digitization progressed exponentially and relentlessly to free us of more and more work. And this at a time when work was the meaning of our lives. At the same time, democratically legitimized systems were increasingly producing questionable results.


My contribution to the cultural briefing of NY based consultancy sparks and honey about #predictions


Nothing new.

None of this has changed. And yet today, “thanks” to the Corona virus, we are facing an entirely new situation. Unlike the 2008 financial crisis, which ultimately did not bring about any change in the system, the current crisis does not come from within the economy itself, but from outside. It is also not as complicated as the undesirable developments in the financial industry, but simply understandable by everyone.

Connecting the Dots. My latest Podcast Challenging ParadigmX about Transformation through Corona


The crisis as a chance.

And so the crisis appears as an opportunity for transformation, as a catalyst for a transformation leap. Naomi Klein, who has already shown us what can be learned from shocks, pleads for not saving the “dirty” industries of the last century this time, but for promoting new, clean solutions. (“Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Naomi Klein

Now we realize that numerous industries, management models and many other developments have already been “corona patients with serious pre-existing conditions” (Corona – the fire accelerant, Mathias Sander)

Black or White?

This development has two clear sides. A dark dystopian one, which leads us into a world of threat, surveillance and separation. But there is also an offensively optimistic perspective that will give companies an easily meaningful existence, free us humans collectively from being reduced to consumers and save the planet from climate collapse. We can and must be hopeful. Each of us. Because in order to imagine a better common future, everyone must become aware of their own. (Six Hopes for a Post-Corona World, Tim Leberecht)

This keynote on the transformation through corona deals with the optimistic side and takes a profound look at topics such as

  • future of work
  • digital transformation
  • post corona economy
  • virtual collaboration and events


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